Carrion Crown

The Dark Creepers, and Skin Changers, and Chymic Works... OH MY!

This time, on Pathfinder: The Carrion Crown… the party picked up immediately following the second day of the trial of the Beast of Lepidstadt. They then jumped back a tad, to deal with events that took place during the events of the trial.

Nate and Luke went to investigate the break-in at the university – the event that led to the Beast’s capture. They discovered that the Beast had allegedly broken in through the outside door in the lecture hall, as evidenced by the broken down door. The door had clearly been forced from the outside, and they found a silver wire and a tiny bell; the material components to the alarm spell that alerted the guards to the Beast’s presence.

In the lecture hall, they noted several things. Nate was able to identify a set of tracks leading through the lecture hall, clearly caused by a large, heavy, iron shod creature (which matches the Beast). He also noted several deep scratches on the railing of the raised stage, with a heavy indentation on the floor below, as if something heavy had fallen or jumped there. Luke also noted the smell of beeswax in the air, though he was informed that it was simply the polish that the cleaners use.

Following the tracks, they also found the door to the adjoining workshop/library smashed in. Much of the room was trashed; bookshelves, cabinets, tables, desks, everything was smashed and thrown, as if hurled by an enormous creature in a child-like rage. One area, however, was strangely untouched by the destruction. This is the area Dr. Crowl identified as the pedestal that the Seasage Effigy, the only item stolen, was located. It was placed on this pillar with numerous other effigies, fetishes, and delicate mother-of-pearl inlaid fish carvings, all of which are undamaged.

Additionally, upon inspecting the room closely, it was noted that, although most of the windows had an extensive buildup of grime on them, the center window did not. Luke noted (after standing on Nate’s shoulders to reach the window) that the window swung open with ease, while all the other windows would not budge. He also noted some flakes of the grime and dirt that seemed to hold the other windows shut around this window. The adventurers checked outside the window for tracks, but were unable to locate any.

Upon interrogating Dr. Crowl about the Seasage Effigy, he noted that it was a singularly distinctive, but not valuable item. It had been in the University’s collection for many years, and he had never seen much interest in it. He himself had a fascination with it, but he was unable to find much information on it. Physically, he described the effigy as a murky green statuette depicting a grotesque creature writhing with tentacles. He noted that the creature depicted seemed to be an anomaly – it does not seem to correlate to the worship of any known divine being. He admitted a private suspicion that the effigy depicts something only whispered of in ancient legends – some sort of creature from the mysterious Dark Tapestry. He did, however, note that this was idle speculation on his part. Due to the effigy’s distinctive appearance, he expects the statuette will be easy to recover, though he’s surprised it has not been already.

Finally, the guards and other researchers were interrogated. None were able to provide much more information than had already been received – the researchers knew less about the effigy than Dr. Crowl did, and the guards rushed into the room, saw the Beast rampaging, and attacked. It took six of them to subdue him, and they noted nothing but the beast in the room at the time (though they all admit to being quite focused on the 7+ foot tall, very very angry flesh golem that was smashing things in front of them… there could’ve been a marching band in the room and they likely wouldn’t have noticed.

Upon finishing their investigation, Luke and Nate returned to the court house. While standing amongst the crowd, listening outside to the snippets they could hear of Phil’s testimony, they got the distinct impression that the crowd intends to take justice into their own hands (See previous entry for details of the rest of the parties own information regarding this). Upon realizing this, Luke and Nate decided to purchase all the pitchforks in town, in order to deprive the townsfolk of the most common (if slightly cliched) weapons of a monster-burning mob. They then hid all the pitchforks, possibly to sell to the mob later.

After regrouping after the trial/hiding the pitchforks, the group bought some stuff, circle-jerked (I assume that’s what they were doing during the endless debates), then decided to continue investigating the previously discovered surgeons tools. The group had previously determined that the tools were sold to Vorkstag and Grine’s Chymic Works.

Upon reaching the Chymic Works and ringing the bell, they were met by Grine, who they identified as a Dark Creeper. He was initially unwilling to talk to them, until they mentioned they were there because of the trial. At that point, he let them in, initially under the pretense of allowing them entry. Once they had entered, however, they were attacked by a Mongrelman and a Flesh Golem Hound. During the fight, Grine fled back into the building.

Upon defeating the creatures in the courtyard, they entered the door he had fled through. They found the room was a processing plant for Bleach and Acid, and was inhabited by Mongrelmen, and Grine up on a catwalk above them. After much stumbling around in the dark (due to Grine’s spam casting darkness), accidentally killing several Mongrelmen that were attacking them (by bumping into them in the dark and knocking them into the vats), and flailing about wildly, they were finally able to kill Grine. They noted that, once Grine and the apparent foremen of the Mongrelmen were slain, the rest fled.

After waiting for the darkness to wear off, the party entered the first room on the catwalk, and were immediately attacked by Vorkstag, who they identified as a Skin Stealer. After slaying him, and searching his body and the room, they located a bite mark on his shoulder, that appears to match the reported Blood Caiman bite that the alleged Beast of Lepidstadt received during the events of the village of Morast. They also found a located closet in the back of the room. Upon opening it, they located a large cabinet. Upon opening the cabinet, they found numerous skins in the closet. While they did not recognize the vast majority, they located what appeared to be the skin of a colossal Mongrelman. Most notably, this skin had a bite mark on the shoulder area, and it exactly matched the descriptions of the Beast given by the villagers of Morast, and of Karl, the assistant to Dr. Brada, who is set to testify in the following days trial regarding the events at the Sanctuary. They also located a ledger listing transactions Vorkstag and Grine had had with various people. Most of the identifiable names are local doctors and academics, though one name stands out – Dr. Brada.

Finally, the group searched Grine’s room. They did not find any clues in that room, just standard treasure and alchemical goods.

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