Welcome… to the Carrion Crown.

This is a campaign based on the horror-themed Pathfinder Adventure Path “The Carrion Crown.” I will update here as stuff happens in the game. I intend to work backwards from here, first including the stuff from the current module of the Adventure Path (The Trial of the Beast). When that’s all up, I’ll update with the information from the first module (The Haunting of Harrowstone).

This page is intended to be a place for the players to review what has happened thus far, and remind themselves about what they did/found/information uncovered during the course of previous sessions. It’s also intended as a GM-aid… to help me remember what I actually gave them. I have a habit of making stuff up on the spot to assist the players, whether that be items or information, and I often forget what exactly I gave them there. So this seeks to fix that.

If there are any questions about the rules, either message me or follow the link below to review the rules.


Carrion Crown

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